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Super Ax
For Improvising Melody, Bass and Chords Simultaneously.

Super Ax

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  Super AX by Jack Grassel is BIG AX Volume 2. It's a rich practice manual and THE jazz guitar system for improvising Melody, Bass and Chords, SIMULTANEOUSLY! Check out the contents:

  • Arpeggios in Tenths
  • Harmonize Major Scales with Tenth Intervals
  • Minor Seventh Arpeggios
  • Dominant 7th Arpeggios
  • Eight Note Melody
  • Syncopation Exercises and Etudes
  • Major, Minor and Dominant Combined
  • Crossing Strings
  • Sustained Melody over Walking Bass
  • Chromatin Melody over Pedal Bass
  • Alternate Root and 5th in the Bass
  • Harmonizing Scales with the Thirteenth Interval
  • Eight Note Melody and Walking Bass With the Thirteenth Interval
  • Tenths and Thirteenths with Melody Connected Note
  • Bass, Melody and Chords Together
  • Blues in G
  • Improvising in "Three"
  • Bass, Chords and Melody
  • Latin Bass
  • Latin Style Bass, Chords and Melody
  • Latin Bass and Chords Supporting Sustained Tone
  • Ballads
  • Right Hand Exercises


  Any serious guitarist, whether you be a jazz player, rocker, or hardcore shredder, stands to benefit greatly from the amazing techniques and broadened theoretical horizons this work will inevitably provide. If you want to discover your hidden talents, you have to explore new territory. Big AX and Super AX are a great place to start. Order Now!

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